ADDN presented at eResearch Australasia 2016

Dr Loren Bruns Jr presented at the eResearch Australasia 2016 conference, held in Melbourne from October 10-14th.  He described the successes and learning moments from ADDN1 and described how these shaped the focus of ADDN2.  In particular, he stressed the increased focus on providing partnered centres with the tools to help audit, clean, and benchmark their own data sets to improve patient outcomes.

R.O. Sinnott, L. Bruns Jr, H. Clapin, P. Colman, M. Craig, L. Heffer, T. Jones, J. Li, J. Makin, H. Phelan, M. Turner, and the ADDN Group, The Australasian Type-1 Diabetes Research Platform, eResearch Australasia, Melbourne, Australia, June 2016.